Pool Building FAQs

Is a building consent or permit required for a swimming pool?
Yes – all swimming pools require a local authority-issued permit. This is something we work together to organise and will be discussed with you when we first meet to talk about site location, etc for your pool.
Will you construct the fence around the swimming pool or do I need to organise another contractor to do this?
One of the advantages of having TrueStyle Improvements involved right from the get-go is we can take care of all the requirements that are part and parcel of installing your new swimming pool – for example, fencing. When we meet to discuss your new pool we’ll also have a chat about what type of fencing you’d like around it. This way you can be assured that your new swimming pool’s perimeter complies with your local council’s legal requirements. Check Out Swimming Pool Fences for more details
How long will it take from start to finish?
There are a few different factors that affect a swimming pool build project. One of these factors is terrain. For example, if lots of earthmoving (excavation) is required, this could add time to the project. Similarly, if you choose a pool that is non-standard in shape, this could equally extend the build time. However, on average, our swimming pools usually take approximately two months. This factors in approximately one month for permit(s) to be issued and another month of construction and installation.
Do I have a choice of shapes for my swimming pool?
We’ve built hundreds of swimming pools; which means we’ve got extensive experience in learning what types of pools will usually suit your individual site requirements and your personal family situation. Therefore we’ll work together to determine the best shape & style of swimming pool that will suit you and your individual surroundings.
Do I have a choice of colours for my swimming pool?
Absolutely! While we’re discussing with you about permits, styles, position, shape, etc of your new swimming pool we’ll also be showing you a selection of colours you might like to consider.
How easy are swimming pools to keep clean?
Cleaning swimming pools has never been easier than it is today! Seriously! So if you’ve got a neighbour or well-meaning family member who’s telling you swimming pools are a nightmare to keep clean you’ll probably be delighted to hear that in most cases, swimming pools can be cleaned from ?? to blue in 48 hours. When we meet with you to talk about your new pool we’ll also chat about different ways you can keep your new swimming pool clean without taking forever and a day to do so.
Do I need to empty my swimming pool every year?
No! In fact, we advise that you never, ever empty your swimming pool without first consulting a professional such as us. Why? Because there are all sorts of fish-hooks and ramifications that can come back to bite (or worse, haunt) you if you don’t know what you’re doing.
How do I keep my swimming pool clean?
Cleaning your swimming pool can be an automatic (hands-free) process. The only thing you’ll need to keep an eye on (and measure / monitor) is the water (eg, chlorine or salt levels). This is one of the things we’ll make sure to discuss with you about when we meet to talk about your new swimming pool installation.
Is salt or chlorine better?
Keeping your pool in a hygienic state for swimming using either salt or chlorine comes down to personal preference. Each is different to the other but both work equally well. This is one of the things we’ll make sure to chat with you about when we meet to talk about your new swimming pool installation.
Where do I store chlorine?
We recommend that chlorine be stored in the same shed as you house the pump for your swimming pool with the key in a safe place away from little fingers. This is one of the things we’ll make sure to chat with you about when we meet to talk about your new swimming pool installation.
How safe is chlorine?
In its natural state, chlorine is a poisonous, greenish-yellow gas described as having a choking odour. It’s a very corrosive, hazardous chemical and needs to be kept under lock and key. Provided you are diligent in your storage and handling of chlorine (for example, you keep it locked, impossible for children to access and you do not mix chlorine with other chemicals) it is safe.
Do swimming pools need to be installed by a licensed builder?
Yes. Craig of TrueStyle Improvements is a licensed builder which means he has built up rapport (??) with local councils.
What ongoing maintenance is required once a swimming pool is installed?
Annually the pool will need a light scrub and a check of the chlorine and salt levels. You will also need to check (and adjust as necessary) your pool’s pH levels.
How long can I expect my swimming pool to last?
As long as you maintain the pH levels as we recommend and provided you maintain your pool (also as we recommend), your pool should last for a very long time.
Do I need to get permission from my neighbours to install a swimming pool?
In most cases you don’t need your neighbours’ permission but it’s always a good idea to inform them so they know their family is safe also.
’Is it possible to retrofit solar heating to my swimming pool?
Yes – but as with most things to do with construction it is always far easier (and more cost effective) to install right at the beginning.
How do I heat my swimming pool?
There are quite a few ways you can heat your swimming pool: solar, heat pumps and thermal covers are some of the most popular ways to heat.

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