Landscaping FAQs

Is a building consent required for retaining walls?
Yes – if they’re over 1.5m high or are closer than 1.2m from your boundary.  It’s always best to check with your local Council as each has its own set of consent requirements.
Is a building consent required for a deck?
Yes – if they’re more than 1m high.  If this is the case your new deck will require both a consent and a handrail.
Do I need consent from my neighbour to build a boundary fence?
Yes – you do as the boundary line is common ground and if you are doing upgrades your neighbour may want to contribute to the cost.
Who does the excavation?
We arrange excavation.  You can be rest assured that we work with only reputable contractors.
Do you lay concrete?
Yes – we lay coloured, decorative cut, exposed and conventional concrete.  We also acid wash and seal concrete if required.

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