Fibreglass Pools

Want A New Fibreglass Pool?

img_0738Whether you want a larger design that is perfect for the whole family or you need a design for a smaller area (such as a courtyard), a fibreglass pool could be what you’ve been searching for. TrueStyle Improvements is committed to helping you find the perfect solution.

Why Get A Fibreglass Pool Over Other Pools

Good with pets and hard wearing

Unlike liner pools, fibreglass pools are hard wearing and durable. While liner pools durability has got better over the years they are still not as hardy as a fibreglass pool.

Superior Fiberglass shells have different step options

Fibreglass pool shells come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, so it will be easy for you to find one that fits your location. Just give us a call and we can visit your place to recommend the best size and shape for your backyard.

Quick installation

Fibreglass pools are one of the quickest of pool installations. This means that you can go from planning to playing in your new pool in far less time than other pool construction methods.

Salt water approved

If you are not a fan of chlorine in your pool, you can look at salt as an option to keep the water fresh. Just talk to us about this and we can guide you to the best pool for you.

Lifetime structural warranty

All our pools come with a lifetime structural warranty.

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