TrueStyle Improvements is excited to announce we are now selling and installing Superior Fibre Glass Pools.  These are high-end shells of ‘Superior’ quality.

TrueStyle has gained an excellent reputation for our custom built liner pools which we are very proud of, and which will continue.  However, in some circumstances, a liner pool does not fit in with our client’s needs or wants.  At TrueStyle Improvements, we pride ourselves on being versatile and being able to meet our client’s needs to help them make their vision a reality.

Shell versus Liner Pool:

TrueStyle Liner Pools

  • Liner pools are ideal with water table issues.
  • Earthquake areas
  • Affordable
  • External steps and flexibility with position and size of those steps
  • Built to clients vision and needs
  • Salt water approved

Superior Fibre Glass Pool

  • Good with pets and hard wearing
  • Superior Fibreglass shells have different step options
  • Quick installation
  • Salt water approved
  • Life time structural warranty