Landscaping Case Studies

Landscaping Case Study – Feature steps (timber and concrete) to enhance newly renovated home

The Client

Greg and Carla McNeil – Te Awamutu

The Brief

Greg and Carla had recently renovated their home in Te Awamutu.

Our brief was to create a beautiful entranceway.

Site Challenges

Gaining the height and creating the curves to lead onto the deck.

Materials and Techniques

Key stone retaining walls were built, the exposed concrete steps were boxed and poured.

Leading from these concrete steps we built hardwood platform steps.

Greg and Carla have since put in grasses, pebbles and up lights to enhance this area.

Landscaping Case Study – Expand existing large deck through exposed concrete platforms

The Client

Doug and Penny Storey – Te Awamutu

The Brief

Doug and Penny already had a large existing deck.

They wanted to add to this deck by having large platforms in exposed concrete stepping down to the lawn.

We also created exposed concrete steps leading down from the platforms to the driveway/parking area, in doing so creating an obvious but welcoming area for their guests when they arrive.

Additional complementary work

Hedges and lights were added to complete the look.

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