Craig grew up in Galatea on a dairy farm, before moving to Te Awamutu to complete his secondary schooling.  Craig became trade qualified in the automotive industry, then moved forward into sales and management.

Craig is very practical and always has had a passion for creating and building.  Craig and Shona bought an old state house as their first home, and completely renovated it.  That was the first of four houses.  TrueStyle Improvements was formed as they felt there was a real gap in the market.  Craig and Shona felt there was builders or landscapers or pool builders, but not a company that could do it all.  TrueStyle Improvements is that company.

Craig has many other passions.  He has a real love of the great outdoors.  He often goes back to the Galatea foothills where he bow hunts.  He competes in barefoot waterskiing and squash, and has completed the Rotorua Marathon.  He also scuba dives and mountain bikes.



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