Concrete Pool Repairs

At TrueStyle Pools we understand that you may have an already existing old concrete shell that just needs a revamp. We will help you with whatever concrete pool repairs are needed on your beloved pool.

Concrete Pool Repairs

Depending on the condition of your coupers, we may be able to fix your problem without having to even take the coupers off.  We can do this using a special clip system which attaches to the side of the pool, just under the coupers.


All of our liners are made to precise measurements and custom made in New Zealand to fit your pool.  They are sucked into place so they fit like a glove.

Of course if your coupers and surrounds need replacing, our team of experts can do this for you.  We have installed and built over 150 pools.

Just call Craig on 021 2470900, and he will come and have a free consultation with you to discuss your options.

Licensed Building Practitioner